The Ugly Truth About Web Advertising

Your TV, Google AdWords and other online ads are sending 1,000's of visitors to your website who have clicked on your ads. But you may not be getting sales to profit from the advertising.

Why pay to get people to your website only to lose them when they click away? Being a one trick pony does not work and in this case only a couple of percent the visitors become clients. This occurs in part because visitors goldfish-like attention span (8 seconds or less) and if they do not see what they want they are off to one of your competitors. You can keep their attention by RETARGETING.

Sales are not made with a single visit - it took me many tries before my wife said yes to my marriage proposal - so it is important to keep following up and that is why with our Traffic Offering we follow up for three months with a series of ten different ads that tell your story and convert visitors to clients.

Wish I had thought of that when I asked my wife to marry me. :)