Do Amateur Blogs Get Clients as well as Professional Blogs?

Amateur Blogs

Even Amateur Blogs Get You Business.

You strive to get more website visitors.  Now think of the ways people discover your website:

1.  They might type your name right into their internet browser, however that's for an audience you already have. They understand who you are, you're on their radar, which does not help you get more traffic on top of what you're already getting.

Get Greater Profits With The Use Of Blogs And Article Marketing

One of the fastest methods to create traffic to your website is with using blog sites, RSS and short article marketing. In addition, Bogs, RSS and post marketing are nearly totally free to low cost, therefore assuring you of greater revenues. Blog sites are easy to set up quickly and can be on any topic you can possibly imagine. It is a great idea to set up a blog to deal with a particular specific niche market or to have one for your existing site.

Are You Retargeting Your Emails?

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Retargeting is more than just people who have gone to your website; you can also target 95% of people who have opened your emails, and not replied.

That’s right! Retargeting works with people who you have emailed but have not answered you. As always, we follow them for 90 days with a series of ads.

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Fake Email Alert!

Phishing Alert

Several of our clients have received a rather convincing email and/or contact form submission claiming copyright infringement that is simply not true. The email provides a link to "evidence" that allegedly proves you have stolen images or content from the sender and used it on your own website. The objective is to get you to click on the link so NEVER CLICK.

Cyber Security Keeping You Up?

Computer code

You have an attractive and productive web asset for your business, have you thought about making them safe?  

The Colonial Pipeline Co., was paralyzed by a hack, shutting down of the 5,500 mile pipeline that carries 45% of the fuel used on the East Coast. Think of what this type of incursion could do to your business if it remains unprotected.