Ready for the Fall Season?

Every year when Fall arrives, certain things happen automatically. The days grow shorter and the weather eventually cools down and the trees begin to lose their leaves. And it all happens without any of us even lifting a finger. Unfortunately getting your website ready for the Fall rush doesn’t happen automatically. Someone actually has to do the work.

Have you really looked at your website recently? Ask yourself these 8 SHORT QUESTIONS and 1 longer one:

  1. How new is your news?
  2. Is your calendar up to date?
  3. Have you updated content lately?
  4. Is the site too old to mention?
  5. Do broken links and wrong info need some attention?
  6. How about analytics?
  7. Is your marketing masterful?
  8. Is your site mobile friendly?
  9. Do you have a nagging feeling that your website can do more?

We build to your needs. Not certain what they are? Give us a call and we'd be happy to brainstorm with you.