Part 1. Do Your Clients Check in with Their Cell Phone?

Your Virtual Clipboard

The virtual clipboard automates your customer interaction – they don’t even have to be near your location since we are using cell phone messaging and email while they wait for appointment.

The clipboard allows you to do a lot of valuable things...

1. Track Clients Waiting Time

2. Keep Electronic Record of Their Visit

3. Keep Client Sign in Confidential

4. Allow for Customized Follow Up Via Email, SMS, And Voice Message

5. Add Clients to Waiting List and Follow Up SMS When Its Their Time

6. Allows Building a List Automatically

7. Ask Survey Questions to Capture More Information on Autopilot.

   Ex: Birthday, Reason for Visit, Referral

8. Allows Client to Sign in the 2nd Time FAST Via Phone Number

9. Track the Number A Client Signs in Per Week, Month, Year.