Look at Your Customer Path

Look at Your Customer Path

Ever wonder why when you have a superior product do people buy your competitor’s inferior one? The answer may be in your Customer Path.

A customer path is the journey that a person takes to do business with you. For example, they:

Step 1. Hear about you by word of mouth, ads, web searches etc.

Step 2. Go to your website

Step 3. Download a lead generator

Step 4. Get Emails that you send to them

Step 5. Place an order

So, customers do not simply place an order, the follow a path. The simpler the path the more orders.

Blue Ocean Maps is free mapping software that we provide to allow you to better understand your business processes.

Check out your operation, is your website message hidden or too difficult for visitors to understand, do you say it in bright text with interesting visuals, do you have lots of calls to actions? Do your emails use big words making the customer take time to comprehend? `The easier we make it for people to know our value the more they will buy into our value a service.

Map out your customer path and then simplify it.