The Opportunity Has Only Become BIGGER

Social Media Icons

Look at the numbers below and consider how many businesses fail to leverage one of their most important assets...

0 FACEBOOK had an estimated 169.2 million users (and growing) in 2018… and studies have shown that Facebook influenced 52% of consumers online and offline purchases!

0 YOUTUBE has over 1 BILLION mobile video views per DAY!

And on top of that, you have...

0 54% of INSTAGRAM users follow their favorite brands!

0 50% of active TWITTER users follow brands!

LINKEDIN gets more than 1 BILLION searches per DAY!

Would you LOVE to get their brand & offers in front of even a fraction of these audiences regularly?

Of course!

Now, let’s be extremely generous and say 10% of your competitors update their social covers regularly with proper call-to-action designs.

That means that at least 90% of ALL businesses are:

x NOT using their social cover billboards!

x NOT being seen in their customers news feeds!

x NOT designing covers to drive new business in the door!

x NOT using the social update algorithms to get in front of their FB, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn audiences!

Are you now starting to see the HUGE opportunity now?

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