Cyber Security Keeping You Up?

Computer code

You have an attractive and productive web asset for your business, have you thought about making them safe?  

The Colonial Pipeline Co., was paralyzed by a hack, shutting down of the 5,500 mile pipeline that carries 45% of the fuel used on the East Coast. Think of what this type of incursion could do to your business if it remains unprotected.

Use Our Cyber SECURITY PACKAGE to Protect:

1. Your communications: email is not a safe way to transfer important files. We offer secure file exchange.

2. Your website code gets outdated: We offer regular updates to the code core and contributed modules as they come out, protecting against HACKS. 

3. Your locations can be spoofed:  Restricting access to a website to a certain geographic area and blocking write or even read access from outside the area greatly improves security

Call to order your Security Package and sleep at night.