Search Engines, such as Google, gather as much as they can about your firm from many sources; but that information may be inaccurate or out of date unless you publish it and check it frequently, yourself. For example, your business may have unclaimed listings‒which can be claimed by anyone‒with calls rerouted somewhere else and address or other information about your company changed without your knowledge. Your company may have no listings at all. Both situations are detrimental to your business. Use the button below to see how your business is doing:

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Schema Improved Search Presentation

Schema is a way of increasing traffic to your website by better defining page content for the search engines. By including semantic information in the website page code search engines can read and use it. Letting us build schema on your site allows the search engines to unambiguously find information like Organization, Location and Person, Products, Events etc. In short, including schema markup in websites improves SEO.

We will:

  1. analyze your content for you to see if it is easy for search robots to understand,
  2. build the needed schema and
  3. attach it to the page.

Test if your site is easy for the search engines to understand by clicking on the link below to see if your site is using this advanced advertising method or has errors in its implementation

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