FaceBook – Pay for Placement

Organic social media just isn’t enough. Simply put, your posts aren’t being seen by as many people as you think — not even close.

Businesses of all types should use Facebook Advertising, especially those that can give incentives.

Facebook represents a HUGE opportunity with billions of monthly users and a growing number of ad formats and targeting options. Even with a small social advertising budget, you can see BIG results – impressive growth in post views and engagement. That means increased exposure, leads, and return on social.

Calculate your Facebook advertising cost today:

Only a small number of people see your unpaid posts
...But by spending a small amount per day...

You can get a steady stream of leads each month

Auto Posts to Your Business Fan Page

A Facebook Service we offer is authoritative posts to your Business Facebook Fan page. They can be posted daily, weekly, or monthly and can be can be text, videos, pictures. An active Fan Page attracts visitors looking for information, turning them into customers. The image below shows a sample of what we have done for clients.

Simplify your Facebook Leads Report

Facebook leads is a great way to get new clients, but the amount of information can be overwhelming. Strip down a Facebook leads report file to only needed information. The button below allows you to upload a file in this specific format and get an HTML table with the lead number in order of receipt, date received and prospect phone number, email and name.

Learning which of the 1000's of advertisements and audience combinations will actually work for your business takes time and money that you don't have to waste. RP Design Web Services is a leader in innovative Facebook advertising offering automated applications like Birthday Clubs.

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