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Are You Reengaging with Your List?

Are You Reengaging with Your List?

If you are like most businesses there’s a failure to communicate.  

As the pandemic lessens, reengaging with your email list, especially existing or past customers warms them up for your restart. Why? Look at the statistics:

- It takes 5x as much money to get a new customer 

- People who know you are 50% more likely to try something new and 

Look at Your Customer Path

Look at Your Customer Path

Ever wonder why when you have a superior product do people buy your competitor’s inferior one? The answer may be in your Customer Path.

A customer path is the journey that a person takes to do business with you. For example, they:

Step 1. Hear about you by word of mouth, ads, web searches etc.

Step 2. Go to your website

Step 3. Download a lead generator

How to Show Up on Google Searches

How to Show Up on Google Searches

Getting your business to show up on Searches and Maps is a matter of alerting the search engines to your existence. And the search engines get their information by scouring hundreds of directories for local businesses.

For an explanation about how to register with the top 16 directories, click on the button below and begin with the video that the arrow above points to.