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Unless you are really market alert, there’s a good chance that your website content is un-targeted. That is, it talks about what your business does rather than what it can do for clients. Yet with minor content updates, you can make your site "CUSTOMER CENTRIC”. Some examples for a landscaper are:

“Make Your Outdoor world the Envy of your Neighbors” INSTEAD OF “Make your Outdoor World More enjoyable”

Now Is SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing Time

Social Covers

Do you know that 71% of consumers that have a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others (Source: Ambassador).

As you know our expertise is in all forms of “Online Digital Marketing” but with people spending so much more time with social media, we’ve created a social media division to focus our efforts. As part of our Beta we are offering over $500 of design work to create a HIGH CONVERTING Social Cover for your social media.  

New Site Launch: Employee Health Matters

Congratulations to Employee Health Matters on their new website!

Feel free to visit the site at

This advanced site is designed to SELL value of services. More important it is designed for the over 60% of visitors that come from mobile phones.

97% of people who do business with you will check you out over the web. Is your website up to the task?

New Product Alert: SOP Mapping Software

Most Digital Agencies are about traffic and leads. We have always gone beyond to help get conversions by focusing on the other parts of your business.

We care as well about the complete journey your client takes in doing business with you by mapping it out. We care about the details such as onboarding, collections, upselling etc. This makes sense since statistics show that an existing client is 300x more valuable than a new customer.

Need More Customers?

We are a complete Web Agency with beautiful website designs and programming and much more. Our unique digital marketing offers a variety of ways to get you more sales. These include:

Reputation Marketing: Build, manage and market your reputation because people use businesses they can trust.

Traffic: Web advertising is a numbers game. So the more people you attract to your website the more sales.