Our Bulk Email Policy

The Bulk Email Policy applies to our Premium Email, Premium Plus Email, and Standard Email. Customers may not send email of similar content to more than 200 recipients, even if the email is sent in batches over time or is sent using multiple email accounts. Your email account would be suspended. This can potentially degrade our mail server reputation and affect delivery for all customers.
Using Premium Email, Premium Plus Email and Standard E-mail for this purpose is against SMTP terms of use and will only result in RP Design Web Services blocking your mail as well as your account. In fact, you may potentially blacklist our email server. Blacklisting an email server will prevent email usuage for yourself as well as other email users on the server.
Your sales representative can quote you on our bulk email product. The bulk email product is not bound to the same SMTP rules as the standard email product. This allows for more and better messages to be sent.
Our policy is to make our email hosting services as reliable as possible. To do this, we restrict our customers from doing activities which could be detrimental to the reputation of our mail servers. Our customers will benefit, because email sent from a reputatable mail servers will be delivered promptly and effectively arriving in their recipients' inboxes, as opposed to their spam folders.  
For sending Email Resources > 200 messages per day, contact your sales representative for a quote.