Coffee & Learn Web Webinar Series

TITLE: Finding & Selling to People Who Need Your Products/Services

Stop guessing: The purpose of this series is to help our members get more business from the web. Although the methods are web based, web technology is not necessary. Instead there is a singular focus on customer/client relationship and purchasing motivations. At the completion of this six-part series attendees will be well versed in their business web ROI (Reputation, Outbound & Inbound Marketing) and the returns their business can accrue from a coherent Digital Advertising Campaign.


  1. Digital Display Ads Retargeting – Selling to people who want your Product/Services
  2. Video Commercials – What’s hot and what’s Not and Why
  3. Social Media – Automate and Syndicate to Get and Keep Clients
  4. Landing Pages vs Website – The Whys and How’s
  5. Reputation Marketing – Manage and use your customer good will
  6. Facebook Advertising – How does it relate to rest of social media world

This series shows how you can use the web to capture mindshare and make your business a house hold name. Once you attend, you’ll end up putting your instructor on your Christmas list.

Meet Our Incredible Instructor:
Passionate and Driven Marketing Professional