Premium Email Quota Plan

All premium email addresses have 1000 MB of storage space per user. Mail quota is the allocated e-mail space on the mail server for each user. Each premium email user has a quota account of 1000 megabytes.

You can see your email usage and quota by signing at with your email and password. Once signed in webmail, scroll to the top right of the email page.  In this example, the individual used 278.2 MB out of a 1000 MB Quota.  The 278.2 MB is the disk consumption per this mailbox. 

The 1000 megabytes cloud email will not notify you if you reach quota.  It is a good idea to check your quota by signing in at with your email password and scroll to the bottom page to see disk usage. Keep in mind that mail kept in all folders onthe server count toward the quota. The smaller the remaining quota, the smaller the message the e-mail system will accept. Messages that are too large are returned to the sender with the message “mailbox full.” When your quota is completely used, no messages will be accepted and mail is returned.

What you can do

  • Empty your Mail Trash. Just deleting emails will not remove them from the mail server until you empty the trash.
  • Create local folder on your client such as Thunderbird or Outlook
  • Remember, email is not the only reason that storage space clogs up. Attachments count also. Several large gif, jpg .mpg, or multimedia attachments may send you over the limit fast. Note that you cannot send or receive any individual email larger than 50 MB, including attachments.
  • To ensure that you receive all your email messages, it is important that you regularly clean out your Email. A way to keep your quota smaller than the size limit is to delete messages and/or move messages from the server to locally stored files.